Mabuhay Mile Promo(フィリピン航空マブハイマイル プロモ)

フィリピン航空 マブハイマイル・プロモ


Mabuhay Mile Promo(フィリピン航空マブハイマイル プロモ)

フィリピン航空のマブハイマイルが100%償還のプロモーションを開催中。良好期間が2016年9月15日から11月30日までの期間と、 2017年1月15日から3月15日までの期間にフライトが有効となる。

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ フィリピン情報へ

1)パール ガーデン ホテル
2)エグゼクティブ プラザ ホテル
3)マニラ パビリオンホテル
4)ロータス ガーデン ホテル マニラ
5)ダイヤモンド ホテル フィリピン
6)ハイアット リージェンシー ホテル


The Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway 2016: Miles at 50% OFF

General Conditions:

  1. Booking must be done by PAL Reservations, Ticket Offices and  the Mabuhay Miles Service Center only.
  2. Valid for Sales/Ticketing at the Mabuhay Miles Service Center,
    PAL Reservations (booking and over-the-phone redemption) and at any PAL
    Ticket Office.
  3. Available only on specific booking classes:
    • Region

      Booking Class Code


      Premium Economy









      (Middle East only)


  4. Premium Economy redemption value is at 100%.

  5. GMMG award tickets may be redeemed one way or round trip for Domestic and International routes.
  6. Economy Class/Premium Economy and Business Class may be issued
    under one tickets.  For example: MNLCEB on P and CEBMNL on R; or MNLCEB
    on N and CEBMNL on P etc.
  7. Combination of GMMG and Regular Award segments in a single ticket is not allowed.  A separate ticket must be issued.
  8. Sales/Ticketing Period: September 05-09, 2016
  9. Travel Period: September 15 – November 30, 2016; January 15 – March 15, 2017 (travel  must be completed by March 15, 2017)
  10. Ticketing Deadline: 2200H of the following date (Manila time)
    from the time of booking, except on the last day of sales/ticketing
    period on September 09, 2016, deadline which shall be on 2200H of the
    same day (Manila time).
  11. Open-dated GMMG award tickets are not allowed.  GMMG award
    tickets must have a confirmed booking on all sectors and segments.
     Valid only on flights/dates specified.
  12. Rerouting is not allowed.
  13. Rebooking is allowed per sector with a fee.  Standard rebooking
    handling shall apply.  Any rebooking beyond the sales/ticketing period
    shall no longer be accepted.

    1. Domestic – Php1,500 per sector (inclusive of VAT)
    2. International – USD100 per transaction
  14. Must not be combined with any Service Class Upgrade Award (SCU),
    Upgrade Travel Certificates (UTC), involuntary upgraded to avert denied
    boarding situations, Special Airport Concessions (SAC) , and is not
    eligible for my PAL Upgrade.
  15. GMMG award tickets are not allowed for go-show.
  16. All applicable fees (including fuel and insurance surcharges)
    and Mabuhay Miles processing fee (including but not limited to rush fee
    and ticketing service charge) and government imposed taxes (Philippine
    travel tax and VAT) shall be shouldered by the member/passenger.
  17. Miles are not allowed for redeposit, but taxes may be refunded.
     Taxes and surcharges of the totally unused GMMG award tickets may be
    refunded one year from date of issue, following the normal refund
    procedures and shall be subject to a refund service fee.

    1. Domestic – Php1,500 per sector (inclusive of VAT)
    2. International – USD100 per transaction
  18. No-show and Non-User’s fee shall apply if booking is not
    cancelled at least 4 hours (Domestic) and 24 hours (International) prior
    to flight departure.  For Domestic and International GMMG award ticket,
    it must be rebooked and revalidated/reissued at least on the last of
    the sales/ticketing period.  Otherwise, no-show or NUF shall be charge.
  19. Elite tier benefits will still apply for GMMG award tickets issued.
  20. GMMG award tickets do not
    earn Miles and do not count towards elite-tier qualification.  Subject
    to the full terms and conditions of Mabuhay Miles.

*Download the GMMG Travel Award Redemption Form here

CAB Approval 0862-06-24-S2016